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compares two objects for equality


Two objects are equal if the equal function says so ... ^^

Two identical objects should always be equal.

std::undefined should only be equal to itself and to no other object.

There is no separate function to test non-equality.

a != b

is converted by the compiler to

std::not(std::equal(a b))

See also

std::less   compares two objects in an object specific way

Implemented by

std_types::character  as  std_types::character/std::equal
std_types::false  as  std_types::false/std::equal
std_types::octet_string  as  std_types::octet_string/std::equal
std_types::positive_integer  as  std_types::positive_integer/std::equal
std_types::true  as  std_types::true/std::equal
std_types::undefined  as  std_types::undefined/std::equal
std_types::unique_item  as  std_types::unique_item/std::equal