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the type of the boolean value true


Use std::true for constants in your programs (not std_types::true).

Use std_types::true to add new functionality to the true-type.

See also

std_types::false   the type of the boolean value false
std::true   the boolean value true

Supported Polymorphic Functions

std::and   std_types::true/std::and
std::equal   std_types::true/std::equal
std::if   std_types::true/std::if
std::in_case   std_types::true/std::in_case
std::is_a_boolean   std_types::true/std::is_a_boolean
std::not   std_types::true/std::not
std::or   std_types::true/std::or
std::unless   std_types::true/std::unless