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applies a function to all items of a collection


The function results are collected in a function of the same type as the original collection.

The function applications might be executed in parallel!

See also

std::reduce   computes a kind of sum from the items of a collection
std::map_reduce   combines a map and a reduce operation into a single operation
std::filter   returns a collection containing all the items that fullfill thefilter-condition

Implemented by

std_types::association_list  as  std_types::association_list/std::map
std_types::hash_table  as  std_types::hash_table/std::map
std_types::key_order_table  as  std_types::key_order_table/std::map
std_types::list  as  std_types::list/std::map
std_types::string  as  std_types::string/std::map
std_types::value_range  as  std_types::value_range/std::map