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std::hash   returns a hash value
std::is_defined   returns true for all "normal" objects"
std::is_undefined   returns true for undefined values
std_types::error   the prototype for all error objects
std_types::object   the prototype object for all "normal" objects
std_types::object/std::default_value   returns its first arguments
std_types::object/std::is_a_boolean   obvious
std_types::object/std::is_a_list   obvious
std_types::object/std::is_a_number   obvious
std_types::object/std::is_a_sequence   obvious
std_types::object/std::is_a_string   obvious
std_types::object/std::is_an_integer   obvious
std_types::object/std::is_defined   true for all objects that are not std::undefined
std_types::object/std::is_undefined   false for all objects that are not std::undefined
std_types::object/std::serialize   the default implementation converts the object into a string
std_types::undefined   the undefined object