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std::append   appends two collections to form a single collection
std::drop   removes the last item of a collection without returning it
std::get   removes and return the first item of a collection
std::length_of   returns the number of items within a collection
std::peek   returns the last item of a collection without removing it
std::pop   remove and return the last item of a collection
std::push   add a single item at the end of a collection
std::put   adds a single item at the front of a collection
std::range   returns a subrange of a collection
std_types::generic_list/std::all_of   tests list items
std_types::generic_list/std::any_of   tests list items
std_types::generic_list/std::is_a_list   obvious
std_types::generic_list/std::map_reduce   combines a map and a reduce operation into a single operation
std_types::generic_list/std::reduce   computes a kind of sum from the values stored in the list
std_types::list/std::map   applies a function to all elements of the list