Simplux is an easy to use operating system that runs without installation on nearly every PC. Therefor it is well suited for the installation on removable disks or pen drives. Simplux is immune to nearly all kinds of malicious computer software.

If started from a removable disk or pen drive Simplux will not touch any data stored on the host PC. In addition it will itself not be infected by any computer viruses or worms on the host computer.

But there is also an administration mode that allows you to repair the host computer or to exchange files between the host computer and the Simplux boot media.

Simplux contains a lot of application programs like OpenOffice or Mozilla Firefox. At any time you can select which applications you need for your everyday work. Less installed applications mean smaller downloads and less time spent during updates.

Simplux always keeps itself up to date. On each start Simplux checks for newer versions and installs them in the background. This will be done with a minimum on interference to your current work. You can shutdown the computer at any time and Simplux will continue the upgrade during your next working session.

The update needs only a very small amount of internet bandwidth because only changes are downloaded. The new version is used on the next restart. If something has gone wrong and the new version does not work to your satisfaction you can easily downgrade to the previous version.

Distinguishing Features

  • runs on nearly every PC without installation and with optimal drivers chosen during the startup to ensure graphics acceleration, sound support, etc.
  • very fast boot time (about 6 to 12 seconds - excluding time spent in BIOS startup)
  • A Master Control Program works like an artificial administrator in the background, checking the system's health, performing updates, etc.

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